Some tips and tricks for a successful party:

For a chillaxin time during your spa treatments.....dim the lights, play some spa music, light some candles, have bottles of water and a few tween magazines out for the girls. Make "minty pink cucumber" slices for the eyes.

For an upbeat glam girl experience....bright lights, fun and favorite music, karaoke or music videos and yummy spa inspired food and punch. For sleepover fun....have everyone come in their pajamas and slippers, make sure to have some popcorn, a movie playing, and some fun girl games out.

ps....let us know if the girls are coming in PJ's.... and if we can....we will too!

We bring lots of fun colours and matching decor to our spa stations.... However....if you really want to add a bit more, we suggest hot pink, lime green and turquoise balloons and streamers. You can also find cute matching plates, cups and table cloths at the dollar store or online! Let us know..... and we would be more than happy to help with your party planning!