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Hygiene & Safety

Limegirl is committed to making sure all of our parties achieve the highest standard possible ... we take hygiene and the safety of your girls very seriously!

The founder of Limegirl is a registered nurse with over 17 years experience working with vulnerable patients with weakened immune systems . Attention to detail, knowledge about infection control, and a deep sense of responsibility to others is a vital component of this type of nursing.

The same dedication used as a nurse is put into all of Limegirlʼs products and services.

Some of the things that Limegirl does to ensure the health and safety of your children include......

• Nail files* that you get to keep after use.

• Headbands* that the girls get to keep after the party

• Fun and Fancy combs* that the girls get to keep

• Top grade, professional products to ensure the highest standard

• Manicure bowls* cleansed with hospital grade solutions

·  All foot soaks and pedicures are done with spa grade bowls* that are lined with individual, one time use liners. Although this is an added cost to Limegirl, it ensures that all girls are protected from the spread of unwanted disease, and is very important to us!

• Disposable, one time use towels and manicure cloths*

• Training of all Limegirl employees in cross contamination management.

• Ingredient lists available for those with allergy concerns. We try and avoid all nut oils, but check with us just in case! 

*If needed for your party

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